Dec 4, 2011

Watch Maldives vs Pakistan Live SAFF 2011 Online

Pakistan vs Maldives SAFF football live
Pakistan vs Maldives SAFF football live
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Jaffar Khan;
Amjad, Muhammed, Kamran;
Saddam, Rizwan
, Adnan, Bashir
Kalim Khan, Jadid Khan


Imran Mohammed;
Shafiu, Fazeel, Akram, Assad,;
Umair, Shamveel, Hassan, Arif;
Ashfaq, Thariq
The SAFF Championship opener saw one of the tournament favourites Bangladesh being held to a draw by a gritty Pakistan performance. Zavisa Milosavljevic, the coach of the 174th ranked nation stated that his team has a definite chance of making it into the knockout phase of the competition.
The problem with Pakistan was that they lacked a physical and rather typical striker up front who could convert those chances much quicker. The Greenshirt's now face a Maldives side who themselves had a poor game of football in their opening Group 'B' encounter against Nepal.
Maldives coach Istvan Urbanyi started with a 4-4-2 formation with Ali Ashfaq and Ahmed Thariq starting upfront, and that will be the partnership likely to contest Pakistan and hopefully for them, try and win against the run of play this time!
Urbanyi was appointed as coach of the national team only five weeks prior to the start of the tournament, though he does know team well as he was their coach a couple of years back as well.

  • About 11,500 Maldivian supporters, including the former president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, attended to see the 2008 SAFF Championship final match in Sugathadasa Stadium, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Maldives most significant success was winning the 2008 SAFF Championship where they beat the most successful team India in the final 1–0.
  • To celebrate that memorable day the President declared that 15 June 2008 will be a public holiday!
  • Pakistan lost their first international 5–1 away to Iran on January 6, 1950.
  • As a result of the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, East Pakistan became The People's Republic of Bangladesh and consequently the Pakistani team lost the right to call upon Bengali players.
  • Interestingly, Pakistan among the 8 nations, have the most number of players plying their trade overseas from Denmark to Wales to England.

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