Dec 6, 2011

Nepal beat Kuwait In ACC T20 Cup 2011,scorecard

ACC T20 Cup 2011
ACC T20 Cup 2011
Kathmandu – Nepal won a nail-biting thriller against Kuwait by just 1 run in a must win match today at TU Ground.
Nepal bowlers tried everything to restrict Kuwait below the target but the match came to the wire at the last over. Prithu Baskota was given the ball and he gave SIX in his first ball, then wicket off a wide ball. He gave 3 wides in a row. It was wicket again in his second ball, a single in his third. Azmatullah Nazeer then hit fourth ball out of the boundary. The pressure was on both the team.
With last wicket needed and 2 runs needed off 2 balls, Prithu then delivered what was expected by a large audience and the team. Khakurel broke the stump of Nazeer and Nepal won the match by 1 run.
Saud Qamar’s 39 off 42 balls (3 fours, 1 six) couldnot save the defeat. Captain Azmatullah Nazeer tried pull back at the end hitting 12 off 5 balls (1 four, 1 six) but the luck didn’t favor them today.
Paras Khadka & Basanta Regmi took two wickets each while Man of the Match Prithu Baskota took 3 wickets.
Before, Kuwait invited Nepal for batting on a chilly morning. Nepal had a good start with the Openers Subash Khakurel and Anil Mandal. They had a 49 runs stand today. Wicket keeper Subash was the top scorer for Nepal. He made 40 runs off 32 balls, 8 fours but was leg before off Abdullah Akhunzada.
Gyanendra Malla (16 off 22 balls), Prithu Baskota (16 off 16 balls), M. Alam (14 off 8 balls) were the performance of Nepali batters today. Paras Khadka went for a duck. While, unbeaten Basanta Regmi scored 10 off 7 balls with 1 six closed the innings for Nepal.
At the end of 20 overs, Nepal posted a challenging total of 126/6. Mohammed Asghar & Abdullah Akhunzada took two wickets each for Kuwait.
A large number of spectators around 7,000 attended the Tribhuvan University Ground to cheer their home team.
Nepal will face Saudi Arabia tomorrow in a must win situation to reach the semi-finals of the tournament and book a place in 16 team ICC World 20 Qualifiers provided Hongkong lose to UAE.
Nepal vs Kuwait Full scorecard ACC T20 cup 2011

Asian Cricket Council Twenty20 Cup
Nepal vs Kuwait
at Tribhuvan University International Cricket Ground, Kirtipur

Kuwait won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Nepal won by 1 run

Batting - Nepal 1st inningsRunsB4's6'sS/R
Khakurel+lbw Abdullah Akhunzada403280125
Mandalc Yasar Idrees b Mohammed Asghar9201045
Mallast Roshantha b Abdullah Akhunzada16220072.73
Khadka*c Mohammed Irfan b Mohammed Asghar05000
Baskotast Roshantha b Azmatullah Nazeer161610100
Alamc Yasar Idrees b Ali Zaheer14801175
B Regminot out10701142.86
Bhandarinot out8110072.73
S Regmi00000
Extras (b 0, lb 2, w 10, nb 1, pen )13
Total(20.0 overs , 6 wickets )126   ( 6.3 runs per over)

Fall of wickets: 1 - 49 (Mandal, 7.4), 2 - 54 (Khakurel, 8.3), 3 - 55 (Khadka, 9.4), 4 - 87 (Baskota, 15.2), 5 - 102 (Alam, 16.5), 6 - 104 (Malla, 17.2)

Mohammad Murad2021010.50(1nb, 3w)
YCLGW Gedara201306.50(2w)
Azmatullah Nazeer402716.75(2w)
Mohammed Asghar401724.25
Abdullah Akhunzada401624.00
Ali Zaheer403017.50(1w)

Batting - Kuwait 1st inningsRunsB4's6'sS/R
Mohammed Asgharc Airee b Khadka9620150
Yasar Idreesb B Regmi212130100
Mohammed Irfanrun out ( Bhattarai )11720157.14
Saud Qamarst Khakurel b Baskota39423192.86
Roshantha+run out ( Khadka )111010110
Haroon Shahidc & b S Regmi6500120
Mohammad Muradb Khadka8170047.06
Abdullah Akhunzadab B Regmi130033.33
Azmatullah Nazeer*st Khakurel b Baskota12511240
Ali Zaheerlbw Baskota01000
Gedaranot out1100100
Extras (b 1, lb 1, w 4, nb 0, pen )6
Total(19.5 overs , 10 wickets )125   ( 6.41 runs per over)

Fall of wickets: 1 - 11 (Mohammed Asghar, 1.3), 2 - 34 (Mohammed Irfan, 4.3), 3 - 49 (Yasar Idrees, 6.4), 4 - 68 (Roshantha, 10.2), 5 - 76 (Haroon Shahid, 11.6), 6 - 93 (Mohammad Murad, 16.6), 7 - 100 (Abdullah Akhunzada, 17.6), 8 - 117 (Saud Qamar, 19.1), 9 - 118 (Ali Zaheer, 19.2), 10 - 125 (Azmatullah Nazeer, 19.5)

A Bhattarai402506.25
P Khadka402325.75
B Regmi402225.50
S Regmi402516.25(1w)
M Alam201105.50
P Baskota1.501739.27(3w)

Match details
Toss: Kuwait won the toss and elected to bowl first.
Umpires: Ashwani Rana and Sanjay Sarda
Referee: S Sarkar


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