Jul 29, 2011

Nepal U19 vs Scotland U19 Live score ,Highlights update 2011

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Scotland U19 (Maximum of 50 overs)
BatsmanHow OutRunsBalls4s6s    SR
S Pagec Karn b Vishwakarma285221  53.85
R McLeanlbw b B Karki122810  42.86
F Colemanc Rahman b B Karki8110460  77.88
+M Crossrun out (Baskota)122210  54.55
P Rossrun out51800  27.78
A Bailwalc B Karki b K Karki395020  78.00
H Edwardsbowled B Karki3900  33.33
S McElneast Khakurel b B Karki0300  0.00
P Leggetbowled B Karki6610  100.00
K Smithrun out0200  0.00
*P Sadlernot out0000  
Extrasb 4, lb 7, nb 0, w 17, p 028
Totalall out, 49.0 overs214(4.37 runs per over)

BowlerOMRWWdNB   Econ
K Karki70371305.29
B Karki101415504.10
Fall of Wickets
136  McLean  (7.5 overs)
271  Page  (16.6 overs)
392  Cross  (22.1 overs)
4102  Ross  (26.5 overs)
5185  Bailwal  (44.3 overs)
6199  Edwards  (46.3 overs)
7199  McElnea  (46.6 overs)
8214  Coleman  (48.3 overs)
9214  Smith  (48.5 overs)
10214  Legget  (48.6 overs)

Nepal U19 (Target = 215 in 50 overs)
BatsmanHow OutRunsBalls4s6s    SR
+S Khakurelbowled Sadler0200  0.00
F Rahmanbowled McElnea4800  50.00
S Punc Cross b Sadler0100  0.00
N Budhaayerc Bailwal b Sadler123420  35.29
*P Baskotanot out93710  24.32
P Aireebowled Page91220  75.00
R Magarnot out0400  0.00
Extrasb 0, lb 1, nb 0, w 5, p 06
Total5 wkts, 16.2 overs40(2.45 runs per over)

BowlerOMRWWdNB   Econ
Fall of Wickets
10  Khakurel  (0.2 overs)
20  Pun  (0.3 overs)
37  Rahman  (3.5 overs)
420  Budhaayer  (8.6 overs)
537  Airee  (14.2 overs)

Main main Highlights

3.3 B Karki to McLean, FOUR Full, on leg, and that's a muscular flick through vacant square-leg. 4.1 B Karki to Page, FOUR An inauspicious start: short and murdered over mid-wicket. 5.3 K Karki to Page, SIX Boom! Straight over the top and into the flats which overlook the ground. Lovely shot. I think it landed in the apartment which used to be owned by Irish Prime Minister Charles Haughey!
R McLean lbw b B Karki 12 (28 balls, 1x4, 0x6) SR: 42.86
Partnership of 36 in 47 balls
Scotland U19 36-1 in 7.5 overs
7.5 B Karki to McLean, OUT - LBW! And the first goes down...McLean was a long way forward, but that was not going over the top. Beaten by a lack of turn, I would guess. 8.2 Baskota to Page, FOUR Leg-sidish, and turned very fine to the boundary. 12.3 Baskota to Coleman, FOUR
S Page c Karn b Vishwakarma 27 (52 balls, 2x4, 1x6) SR: 51.92
Partnership of 35 in 55 balls
Scotland U19 71-2 in 17.0 overs
16.6 Vishwakarma to Page, OUT - CAUGHT! Another moon ball, and this time Page cannot resist: it comes of the very bottom of the bat and long-off takes a fairly routine catch. 19.2 Airee to Cross, FOUR Nice shot, glided past point and a diving third man can only push it on past the ropes. Lovely timing. 19.5 Airee to Coleman, FOUR Full toss, clipped to the left of mid-wicket. Well-timed, well-placed.
M Cross run out 12 (22 balls, 1x4, 0x6) SR: 54.55
Partnership of 21 in 31 balls
Scotland U19 92-3 in 22.1 overs
22.1 Vishwakarma to Cross, RUN OUT! That is a brilliant piece of fielding...Cross drove this hard to the right of extra cover, who dived, gathered cleanly, and returned to the keeper before Cross - who had only taken a few steps down the pitch - could regain his ground.
P Ross run out 5 (18 balls, 0x4, 0x6) SR: 27.78
Partnership of 10 in 28 balls
Scotland U19 102-4 in 26.5 overs
26.5 Pun to Coleman, RUN OUT! Another run out from Baskota! To be fair, this may have been Coleman's fault - he pushed it into the gap at cover and did not appear to call immediately. Ross was struggling and a direct hit had him on his way. 29.5 Baskota to Coleman, FOUR Coleman relieves the pressue with a lap-sweep, which runs away very fine. 43.6 Vishwakarma to Bailwal, FOUR A first boundary for Bailwal! He clears the front leg and swings this past mid-wicket into the pavilion fence. 44.2 K Karki to Bailwal, FOUR Good shot, lap-sweeping the seamer over short-fine-leg's head.
A Bailwal c B Karki b K Karki 39 (50 balls, 2x4, 0x6) SR: 78.00
Partnership of 83 in 106 balls
Scotland U19 185-5 in 44.3 overs
44.3 K Karki to Bailwal, OUT - CAUGHT! Short and wide...but smashed straight to point. Bailwal will be distraught, but that was a decent innings. 44.6 K Karki to Coleman, FOUR Scythed up and over point.
H Edwards bowled B Karki 3 (9 balls, 0x4, 0x6) SR: 33.33
Partnership of 14 in 12 balls
Scotland U19 199-6 in 46.3 overs
46.3 B Karki to Edwards, OUT - BOWLED! That's a poor shot, a wild swing across the line and off stump lies crooked.
S McElnea st Khakurel b B Karki 0 (3 balls, 0x4, 0x6) SR: 0.00
Partnership of 0 in 3 balls
Scotland U19 199-7 in 47.0 overs
46.6 B Karki to McElnea, OUT - STUMPED! Now he comes forward, but too far...and without hitting it. 47.6 Vishwakarma to Legget, FOUR And a good shot to redeem the over, swept fine to the right of backward square. 48.1 B Karki to Coleman, FOUR Shot. A couple of steps, and straight over the bowler's head. 48.2 B Karki to Coleman, FOUR Evading long-on, Coleman makes it two and two, flicking this over short mid-wicket.
F Coleman c Rahman b B Karki 81 (104 balls, 6x4, 0x6) SR: 77.88
Partnership of 15 in 9 balls
Scotland U19 214-8 in 48.3 overs
48.3 B Karki to Coleman, OUT - CAUGHT! But that is that...a fine innings concludes as Coleman is beaten in the flight, chipping it to straight mid-wicket.
P Legget bowled B Karki 6 (6 balls, 1x4, 0x6) SR: 100.00
Partnership of 0 in 1 balls
Scotland U19 214-10 in 49.0 overs
48.6 B Karki to Legget, OUT - BOWLED! And five for Karki! Scotland have imploded in the last seven overs, losing six for 29. This was too full, too quick, and too straight for Legget.
S Khakurel bowled Sadler 0 (2 balls, 0x4, 0x6) SR: 0.00
Partnership of 0 in 2 balls
Nepal U19 0-1 in 0.2 overs
0.2 Sadler to Khakurel, OUT - BOWLED! And that is the perfect start! It looked like a cracking delivery, just clipping off bail. The rest of the stumps remain intact and the off bail lies beside the stumps.
S Pun c Cross b Sadler 0 (1 balls, 0x4, 0x6) SR: 0.00
Partnership of 0 in 1 balls
Nepal U19 0-2 in 0.3 overs
0.3 Sadler to Pun, OUT - CAUGHT! And it's two in two! A brilliant start from Sadler, who bowls short of a length and finds the outside edge. It's the simplest of catches for Cross behind the stumps and Scotland are rampant!
F Rahman bowled McElnea 4 (8 balls, 0x4, 0x6) SR: 50.00
Partnership of 7 in 20 balls
Nepal U19 7-3 in 3.5 overs
3.5 McElnea to Rahman, OUT - BOWLED! Still, justice is done. That was a terrible shot, the batsman's head in the air and the aim somewhere towards mid-wicket. This could be over very quickly... 4.5 Sadler to Budhaayer, FOUR A full ball and a lovely shot, eased through the covers. 7.3 McElnea to Budhaayer, FOUR
N Budhaayer c Bailwal b Sadler 12 (34 balls, 2x4, 0x6) SR: 35.29
Partnership of 13 in 31 balls
Nepal U19 20-4 in 9.0 overs
8.6 Sadler to Budhaayer, OUT - CAUGHT! And Sadler takes a third. That was a soft dismissal, as an attempted drive simply loops up to point.
10.5 Sadler to Airee, FOUR That's (un)lucky...an outside edge races to fine third man for four. 11.2 McElnea to Baskota, FOUR A thick outside edge flashes past point and a despairing dive on the boundary doesn't save the four. 11.4 McElnea to Airee, FOUR That's one way to deal with the situation: hammer it over mid-off!
P Airee bowled Page 9 (12 balls, 2x4, 0x6) SR: 75.00
Partnership of 17 in 32 balls
Nepal U19 37-5 in 14.2 overs
14.2 Page to Airee, OUT - BOWLED! And it's followed up with a wicket, Airee yorked as Scotland close in on victory.


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