Jun 23, 2012

Watch Spain vs France Live Streaming Euro 2012


Spain vs France Live Streaming UEFA Euro 2012

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Spain vs France Live Streaming Euro Cup Match 2012 Preview

came to this EURO as strong favorites to lift the title, but the things don’t look that bright for them at this moment. Yes, they have passed the group stage and on the first position, but their performance can’t satisfy anyone in comparison to how they played in recent years. Yet, there is still room for improvement, but also the opponents are being more and more quality and the chances for some bigger improvement are getting slimmer – this doesn’t mean that the Spaniards can’t go on and lift the title, but that their football probably won’t be much better in comparison to what we saw till now. They were better in their first game against Italians, but lacked more concentration at the finishing touch and finally ended up drawing 1:1. In the second game, they simply faced up against much weaker opponent and it was easy for them to destroy the Irish with a 4:0 score. Third and, it came out, as the most important game for them was against Croats – this game is also the biggest reason for our bet, the Spaniards have won it with a narrow 1:0 result, but their performance wasn’t that good. The Croatians managed to block all Spanish attacks and it could be said that they were better side in the second half, creating quite a few dangerous situation in front of Spanish goal. Especially active the Croatians were as the game was approaching to its end and in a few occasions the Spaniards were really lucky not to receive a goal – a goal that would probably kick them out of the Euro. The Croats stood very well at the pitch for the whole game and have shown the example how it should be played against Spain.
managed to ruin picture of themselves with the last group stage match against Sweden as they lost it 0:2. The French did good in their first match against England as they drew 1:1 and were way better side, but lacked finishing touch in order to win that game. In second round, they faced up against hosts from Ukraine and won easily 2:0, without any bigger problem regarding result in that game. As said, they lost the third game losing to Swedish team 0:2 and generally played one of the worst games in past two or three years. However, it must be said that they were already qualified and although it’s not a excuse for them – they probably didn’t care as they would if the situation was different. French team will be without their defender Mexes who is suspended for this game, but Koscielny is taking his place and he should be more than capable of replacing him.
French will probably try to play defensive and in a similar style as the Croats did. Spaniards simply didn’t play till now as the European and World Champions used us to play, French team is experienced, tactically and technically surely not below the Croatian team that made a lot of troubles to Spain, while fast players like Ribery and Menez can always make dangerous situation against anyone’s goal.

Spain vs France Live Streaming Euro Cup 2012

Spain vs France Euro Cup 2012

Spain vs France Live 2012

Spain vs France Euro 2012 live online

Spain vs France euro 2012 live streaming free

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